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Cleaner water - good for your chickens and your bottom line

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Hannon, Ontario producers Verena Walter-Hengemuhle and Greg Walter have been running a broiler farm for over 15 years. "We are always looking for ways to improve animal welfare and provide a safe end product for our consumers," explains Greg. "Until a couple of years ago, we had very little control over the quality of water coming from our wells - it was the weakest point in our on-farm biosecurity program."

Over 2 years ago they purchased a newly designed Bauer Energy Design Water Filtration System. They were looking for a way to improve the water for the birds and get rid of unwanted sediments, bio film. "Basically, we wanted to keep the unwanted "gunk" out of our barns so we could ensure the safest water for our birds," adds Greg.
"In addition to cleaner water, we discovered some really
positive and unexpected results."

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