About Bauer

Bauer Energy Design Inc. Services

  • Bauer Salt-Free Water Conditioning System Homeowner Rentals and Maintenance Programs

Current reference projects

  • Bauer Energy Design Patented Water Treatment Systems for Farms
  • Specialty water treatment oxygen applications for Waste Water Treatment.
  • Currently designing new Water Filtrations Systems, several large corporations.

Bauer Energy Design Inc. unique technologies

  • Control and elimination of iron bacteria in water systems
  • Control and elimination of biofilm in water systems
  • Control of scaling and corrosion in water systems
  • Advanced filtration technologies for water systems
  • Advanced chemical treatment systems for water systems
  • Advanced UV disinfection for water systems
  • Dissolved bonded oxygen technology for complete utilization of liquid oxygen
  • Remediation of lagoons, ponds, lakes and waste water effluent

Bauer Energy Design Inc. offers the following services

  • Bauer Salt-Free Water Conditioning System rental and maintenance contracts
  • Bauer Energy Design Inc. Nanobubble Generator Application Services
  • Supports licensing of technologies for various unique applications
  • Bauer Energy Design Inc. does not permit it's licensed technology to be either sold or resold and is very strict regarding it's licensing agreements
  • Consulting Engineering Services under contract only

Typical Bauer Energy Design Home
Water Filteration System