Agricultural Water Treatment Systems

About The Bauer Energy Design Poultry Drinking Water Filtration System:

What is the Bauer Energy Design Drinking Water Filtration System?

The system is an advanced filtration system that conditions water through electro-coagulation and filters using advanced ultra filtration. This is done by a patented proprietary technology that uses the energy from the flow of the water to cause an electro-coagulation of suspended solids using an advanced proprietary nanobubble generator. The coagulated particles are filtered out of the water through a series of filteration technologies. These are sized descending from 100 microns to 0.02 microns absolute. The filtration is so fine that viruses, bacteria and dissolved organics are effectively and efficiently removed.

Has the system been field proven in existing poultry installations?

From September of 2005 until now several installations of the technology were closely monitored. The effect of the conditioned filtered water resulted in the following observations:

  • Drier litter in broiler, turkey and pullet operations
  • Less airborne dust
  • Reduction in cellulitis
  • Improved turkey grades
  • Improved condemns
  • Improved mortality
  • Improved weight gain
  • Cleaner birds
  • Improved manageability of flock infection issues
  • Overall better performance
How will the system affect my drinking line performance?

Nipple and bell type drinkers will stay continuously clean and free of scum and film. Water flow will be uniform throughout the barn. There will be a more even population distribution of the birds due to the evenness of the water flow. Though pipes will remain clean running manufacturer line flushing programs should remain as recommended. Even flow means more consistent grow.

What can I expect to see in my own operations?

Depending on the quality of the existing water and plumbing what one will see in the installation will be consistent clean water.

How soon before I will see results?

Results in a properly installed system with pipe cleaning are immediately apparent. In broilers the results usually will improve in the first flock, by the third flock the maximum benefits of the water will be realized. This is due to improved sanitation which takes time because ultra clean water is being used for the first time to clean barns out between flocks.

I am already using chlorination and filtration of my drinking water how will this improve my water?

The Bauer Energy Design filtration system greatly improves chlorination of drinking water. By conditioning the water and ultra filtering the suspended solids, bacteria and viruses in the water the free chlorine residual remains stable and more consistent in the drinking water system. This helps lower the risk of e coli in turkeys and has been proven beneficial in broilers.

How long will the system last?

The system is a permanent installation that uses maintainable filtration equipment. The system including the nanobubble generators is expected to last with little maintenance for 15 to 20 years.

What are my maintenance costs per year?

Maintenance costs per year are dependent on water quality and usage. They are minimal in comparison to other systems.


Over 2 years ago they purchased a newly designed Bauer Energy Design Water Filtration System. They were looking for a way to improve the water for the birds and get rid of unwanted sediments, bio film. "Basically, we wanted to keep the unwanted "gunk" out of our barns so we could ensure the safest water for our birds," adds Greg. "In addition to cleaner water, we discovered some really positive and unexpected results."