Home Water Treatment Systems

Now you can have an industrial-grade Water Treatment Plant in your own home

Bauer Engineered Water is now available to home owners.

Water, an essential part of human life. It is our lifeline, our nurturer, our past and our future. It surrounds us. It penetrates us. Water is life.

Water is so entrenched in our daily lives that it is easy for us to take it for granted.

Every day tons of waste and chemicals are mixed into our reservoirs. Making it unfit for human consumption. This water must now be treated and filtered before it can travel down city pipes, through our taps and into our glasses.

Bauer Engineered Water Filtration System goes one step further. We not only clean the water, Bauer Energy Design actually changes the characteristics of water. This leads to better cleansing and better filtration of micro-organisms. Learn about the process here. This process also introduces a number of benefits. Not only is this water cleaner and more pure, you will also notice:

  • The water has no boundary layer therefore it penetrates deep into surfaces removing and preventing unwanted and unhealthy biofilm
  • Steam will be a finer mist. This is consistent and very demonstrable 100% of the time. In fact, it is the way we can easily identify our water
  • Steamed foods will cook differently. It is easy to tell the difference in taste, mouth feel, and flavor of meats and vegetables
  • Baking is different. We have confirmed this through testing in commercial bakeries in the staling curve and rise times
  • Hard surfaces are easier to wash down
  • Ice will be harder and less sticky
  • Coffee will be less bitter
  • Dishes will be cleaner
  • Laundry will have less soap residue
  • Metal surfaces such as laundry tubs become very clean
  • Indoor air will be cleaner
  • There will be less dust
  • We see no evidence of visible mold

Our customers consistently report these observations to us. You may see more than these observations however the subtle change to the water has a profound and positive impact on your environment.


"Finally, after nearly twenty years of drinking bottled water, I am now drinking water right out of the tap again, and I know it's better for me. And my house has never been cleaner... Amazing!"


Before Bauer Water System Installation

1 Week After Installation (without cleaning)