Industrial Water Treatment Systems

The Bauer Water System is a high-tech chemical free solution to costly problems or scale in commercial, industrial, mining, irrigation & domestic water carrying systems.

Due to the recent rise of energy cost, industry is now contemplating technologies and measures to enable it to compete in a more efficient manner. Our customer base is currently benefiting from their investment in these methodologies.

Traditionally energy costs in industrial processes are seen as a necessary evil to which there are no options. Due to the fact that the dynamics of industrial processes are imbedded in design, few specialists dare to propose alternative approaches.

Bauer Energy Design suggests you look at your energy process demands with a fresh set of eyes - Ours.

Since our expertise is focused on your industry, we propose that you take advantage of the solutions it can bring. We can arrange for a meeting where we will discuss opportunities that apply to your applications; this can result in energy savings directly associated with production.

Since we are registered as energy auditors with Natural Resources Canada’s Office of Energy Efficiency (NRCan - OEE) we are able to help you take advantage of their Energy Audit Financial Incentive Programme.

Bauer Energy Design is a highly specialized company with a limited number of clients and our close relationship with them is our main strength. We would like to extend an invitation to join in the benefits they have enjoyed from this personalized approach.

You too can immediately benefit from the services we provide in the following areas:

  • Energy and Consumable Auditing for all Industries
  • Boiler and Steam Plant Repairs, Upgrades and Replacements
  • Advanced Natural Gas, Heavy Oil, Biomass and Alternative Fuel Burner Design
  • New and Used Boilers all Sizes including Air Emission Systems
  • Advanced Biological Air Cleaning Systems for Formaldehyde and Noxious Odors
  • Zero Discharge Closed Loop Air Cleaning Systems for various Industrial Applications
  • Biomass and Wood Handling Systems for the Pulp and Paper Industry
  • Real Time Monitoring and Reporting of Energy and Consumable Usage
  • Multi-Stage Advanced Evaporation of Water including Desalination of Seawater
  • Advanced Process Water Treatment Plants and Effluent Treatment Plants
  • Steam Plant Design Services including Specializing in Advanced Reboilers
  • Advanced Condensate Control with Maximum Heat Recovery Systems
  • Process Energy Analysis and Energy Usage Process Synchronization
  • Process Integration Analysis
  • Cogeneration and Fuel Design from Small to Large Scale Plants
  • Bauer Fourth Generation Energy Reporting System for Maximum Energy Usage Control

Lets us Help You modify or create a system that:

  • Controls and eliminates of iron bacteria in water systems
  • Controls and eliminates of biofilm in water systems
  • Control of scaling and corrosion in water systems
  • Saves Significant Energy Usage in Buildings, Water Systems, Power Plants
  • Advanced filtration technologies for water systems
  • Advanced chemical treatment systems for water systems
  • Advanced UV disinfection for water systems
  • Dissolved bonded oxygen technology for complete utilization of liquid oxygen
  • Remediation of lagoons, ponds, lakes and waste water effluent