Imagine if you could have fully-treated disinfected pure soft water always ontap, without the salt and chemicals commonly associated with salt-based water softeners. Now you can with the

Bauer Salt-Free Water Conditioning System

The Bauer Salt-Free Water Conditioning System is a proprietary system that cleans and purifies water systems. It removes harmful bacteria including super bugs, removes and prevents Biofilm from forming, and removes chlorine and other contaminants while keeping the healthy calcium and magnesium.

Traditional water softeners use Ion Exchange Resin to exchange Calcium for Sodium. Essentially that is exchanging the good for the bad.
The revolutionary Bauer Salt-Free Water Conditioning System changes all that. Now there is a better way.

Three Stage Process:

Stage One: Ultra Homogenizer

The proprietary patent-pending Homogenizer uniquely mixes the water creating an ultra homogeneous water. This homogenized water easily flows through the Bauer Multimedia Filter fully utilizing its entire media bed.

The Bauer media uses a proprietary Copper-Zinc 50/50 Coated Ceramic Resin that filters contaminants down to 1 micron. The proprietary Bauer Media is certified to remove Cryptosporidium, removes Chlorine and Chloramines, Bacteria and prevents the formation of Biofilm on the filtration media and the treated water lines.

Bacteria normally grows in the Biofilm attached to the carbon thus biofouling the carbon and rendering it unusable. This Bauer System, unlike other salt-free systems, is bacteria-static preventing bacteria and biofilm from growing on the carbon.

The major competitor's filter media consists of 2 different pellets. Since they are individual pellets they create voids where the water is channeled through the path of least resistance leaving areas of the filter where biofilm and bacteria can grow.

The proprietary Bauer Alloy with activated carbon is a single pellet allowing the filtration media to be completely utilized avoiding filtration voids. This means the Bauer processed water reaches up to 10 times more surface area and therefore  up to 10 times more efficient. The result is microfiltered, dechlorinated conditioned water ...

The Bauer Media consists of 5 layers


Biofilm is a thin layer that grows and attaches to surfaces where bacteria can thrive. You can see it on stained silverware and glasses. It builds up on all plumbing and water-using appliances, even municipal water systems. This Biofilm prevents the surface from getting “wet” making it impervious to thorough cleaning. And because Bacteria grows in it, bacteria is always present within the entire water system.

UV is a century old highly proven nonchemical disinfection technology. It is much more effective when the water is filtered to less than 5 microns absolute and chemical free.

The Bauer Treated Micro Filtered water is both below 5 microns absolute and chemical free allowing the UV Technology to operate efficiently and optimally rendering a highly disinfected water.


Features & Benefits

Never lift those heavy salt bags againSave your back and energy, save money, save the environment
Uses very little electricity or waterSave money and the environment
Removes Chlorine, Chloramines and other water treatment chemicalsYou no longer need to be concerned about any potential health effects of these chemicals
Filters Bacteria using a proprietary bacteriostatic filter mediaBacteria lives in Biofilm, the Bauer System loosens and removes biofilm so it can be removed by filtration
Removes iron and manganeseIn some cases may even eliminate the need for an additional iron filtration system
Causes Calcium to not stick to surfacesCalcium deposits are the major cause of dirty films on dishes. After the Bauer Treatment the Calcium does not stick to the surface